Business Insurance

For The Firearm Industry

When it comes to insuring your California Firearm Business there is no such thing as one size fits all, your business model is just a unique as you are, that’s why we partner with all major carriers that have their hand in the industry, so we can craft a policy that is precision made to fit your needs.

Gun Shop


Let’s be honest, running a business in California is no easy feat, running a Retail Gun Store is even tougher, we’ve got the experience needed to make sure you are covered correctly, take insurance off your plate, and put it on ours. Check out our Gun Shop Insurance page for more information

Gun Range

Who doesnt love a great Gun Range, they are the backbone of shooting sports and provide many options to the industry. Causal shooting, working on technique, law enforcement training, shooting competitions, most ranges fill a wide variety of services, and need comprehensive insurance coverage to make assure there are no gaps in coverage that may leave you exposed. Check out the Gun Range Insurance page for more information.

Firearms Instructor

As a Firearms instructor, you are well aware of the risks that come along with this type of training, what you may not be aware of is the liability insurance options available to you. Check out the Firearms Instructor Insurance page to learn how we can assist you in a solid insurance strategy

Home Based FFL

Weather you are a home based Gunsmith or FFL, you like many, assume your homeowners or renters insurance is going to provide you coverage in the event of a loss. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth, even if you are not a full fledged storefront operation, you still need property and liability coverage to insure your operations. Check out our Home Based FFL page for more information.