Off Duty Law Enforcement

On the Job you’re covered, make sure you have quality protection off the clock as well.

Lets face it, the landscape of law enforcement interaction with the public is changing, slanted media narratives, political posturing have become all too common. On the job, we hope the department will take care of your defense, but what happens off the clock, are you covered, do you want to wait until after the fact to figure it out? It is our strong recommendation that all of our active/retired LEO clients possess the “Elite” package. As a trusted independent insurance agency, our professional evaluation and opinion is that the strong coverages and options offered in the “Elite” plan trump any other plan or option that is offered for Off Duty Law Enforcement clientele.

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ALL Weapons Covered

You shouldn’t have to think twice about protecting your family, whether it be with a firearm, knife, or your own two hands.

Up to $2,250,000 in Insurance-Backed, Self-Defense SHIELD Protection

Once again the limits of your Platinum Membership have expanded to offer you even more protection in the event of a criminal defense lawsuit.

Expert Witness Coordination

Should you face charges, we’ll provide and pay for self-defense expert witnesses to testify on your behalf.

Up-Front, No Out-Of-Pocket Coverage

If you’re involved in a self-defense incident your Critical Response Team will instantly take any and all financial burdens off your shoulders. No deductible, no reimbursement, no out-of-pocket costs to your family.

The USCCA Legal Advisory Board

The new USCCA Legal Advisory Board gives you absolute peace of mind knowing that your defense attorney will have complete access to the nation’s leading experts in self-defense, firearms, and concealed carry case law.

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